Selfish Tweeting

Twitter has become the keystone in my personal professional learning strategy. Anything else that occurs as a result of my tweeting – fame, fortune, visibility — all of which have eluded me so far – are collateral benefits. Twitter for me is about one thing, and one thing only; it’s about learning! Read more

Creativity, Intuition and the Algorithm: Global Drucker Forum 2015 panel

At the 2015 Global Peter Drucker Forum, in Vienna, it was my privilege to chair the panel on Creativity, Intuition and the Algorithm. It was, by far, the most memorable panel experience I’ve ever had! Our panelists were: leadership authority and expert on changing workforce and workplace patterns,Tammy Erickson; Saatchi and Saatchi Chairman, Kevin Roberts, and the author of Innovation as Usual, Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg. The panel was informative, inspirational and occasionally a bit raucous, and a brief video captures some moments from this amazing experience: ‪Watch