Ideas arguably constitute an organization’s most valuable asset. Businesses and individuals are constantly searching for fresh, new ideas – the source of innovation. While some people believe that new ideas are the preserve of brilliant minds, others, like Professor Bill Fischer, argue that people’s ability to find good innovative ideas is more about habits than intellect. As Professor Fischer suggests in his book The Idea Hunter, co-authored with Andy Boynton, it is not just about originating ideas, it is about hunting ideas that are already out there, waiting to be spotted.
If breakaway ideas come easier to those who are in the habit of looking for them,1 how can this habit be cultivated? As a starter, Professor Fischer presented the I-D-E-A (Interested, Diverse, Exercised and Agile) principle.
• I: What are you interested in learning?
• D: Who can you learn from here who can give you a fresh insight?
• E: What are you going to do differently to learn?
• A: Where, when or how are you going to learn?

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