Q: Please, give 5 tips for business leaders to cope with the digital leadership challenges.

At the root of all of this is the need to create more innovative organizations:

a) I believe that you must make innovation a verb not a noun. It must become a statement about the way we work, rather than who is responsible for change.

b) In this spirit, I think that you need to become more digital in your own behaviors; organizations need to periodically reinvent themselves, and so do we!

c) Digital leaders must think about how “fast” their organization works, and what it would take to move faster: fast starts with you as the leader! What are you doing to have faster conversations? The Chinese white-goods leader Haier has taken months off of its commercialization time by having parallel conversations in order to be faster.

d) Digital means “connected”: what does your own personal connectivity look like? Who’s in your personal idea-sourcing network? Who do you learn from? How many “strange” partners do you rely upon for new insights?

e) Sharing is also a characteristic of the digital life-style. Why not start sharing your ideas? Your notes? Try prototyping new ideas before you spring them on others.

Read more from an interview in The Slovenia Times by Tonja Blatnik (Business section) 20 Oct 2015